As a innovative optoelectronics company, LONGON Technology innovates optic fiber solutions for audio, video and control applications for systems integrators. Based on optical fibers, LONGON Technology adopts micro laser devices to transmit ultra high speed signals by optical signals instead of electric signals, and brings optical cables which are highly effective, low in power consumption, radiation free, environmental-friendly and longer in transmission distance.

With more than 7 years of expertise in fiber optics and electronics engineering and a focus on simplifying the fiber optic experience, LONGON Technology supports advanced installations for future generation audio, video, control and applications such as AR/VR/MR/education/conference/security. LONGON optical and electrical conversion products including HDMI,DP,USB Type-C,USB,DVI Active Optical Cables(AOC) and relative Optical-Fiber Engine.

It is worth mentioning that LONGON Pure-Series Fiber Optic cables ( only glass fiber inside cable) provide unmatched features, leading the industry with the longest distance, highest bandwidth and control connectivity solutions.