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LONGON USB C Active Optical Fiber Cable USB3.1 Gen2 Full-featured Fiber Optic Data Cable Support PD60W 4K60Hz 10Gbps 10M/33FT For Logitech Camera Docking Station HUB PC Monitor Wire Live Meeting Cord

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  • Full-featured USB3.1 Gen2 Optical Fiber Cable: supports 10Gbps bandwidth, PD60W fast charging and 4K60Hz video transmission. Adopt advanced photoelectric conversion engine, lossless and no radiation, attenuation is almost zero. The longest distance can be transmitted 10 meters.
  • Future-proofed Backward Compatibility: LONGONactive optical fiber cable features 1 Gen2 standard and backward compatible with USB-C 3.1 Gen1, 3.0, and 2.0.
  • Up to 10Gbps: LONGONactive optical fiber USB3.1 Gen2 cable data transfer up to 10Gbps,plug and play. (The data transfer speed depending on host and device support)
  • 4K@60Hz/2K 144HzVideo Display: LONGON active optical fiber USB3.1 Gen2 cable can drive 4K@60Hz/2K@144Hz display. Notice: if you connect to USB C port for video output, please make sure your device supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode (Alt Mode).
  • Charging up to PD60W: LONGONactive optical fiber USB3.1 Gen2 cable with power delivery up to PD60W, it's ideal for use with USB-C devices.
  • Wide Compatibility: Support logitech Cameras,Macbook Pro , Apple Studio Display, Samsung Galaxy, Surface Laptop Stuio, Google Pixel, iPad mini, iMac, iMac Pro), USB-C Docking Stations, Monitor, Hard Drives, External SSD